Our unique sponsorships connect brands with the arts in unexpected and clever ways. We are creatives who thrive on collaborating to create sponsorships that resonate with your brand.

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Performance TicketS

Hundreds of thousands of tickets pass through the hands of season ticket holders, single ticket purchasers, and sponsors throughout the year. Own this real estate with a season-ticket sponsorship. 

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Portland's most comprehensive online arts events calendar is also the most visited page on Artslandia.com. Dominate this page with your branding the entire performance season. 

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Adventures In Artslandia, hosted weekly by Susannah Mars, brings to life interviews
with the most intriguing people in the arts. Proclaim your underwriting message
to our listeners throughout the entire season. 



Step & Repeat

On opening nights, we create our own red carpet to photograph patrons and the cast of the show as they enter the venue. Make your brand the first thing thousands of patrons see and take advantage of additional exposure with social media––the patron’s, yours, and ours.


In-Theater Seat Treat

On opening night of the city’s most highly anticipated performances, we give a much-hyped surprise package to an audience member. Have your business recognized from the stage with audiences of thousands.